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Friends of Bluche:
The Unofficial Alumni Association of the International School Ecole Des Roches and Pres Fleuris, Bluche-sur-Sierre, Valais, Switzerland.

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This is the unofficial website of the original international boarding school, Ecole Des Roches, and Pres Fleuris, in Bluche-sur-Sierre, Valias, Switzerland. If you attended LR/PF (it doesn’t matter if you graduated from the school, most of us did not), you may want to register your name so that this web site can help you keep in touch with old classmates and inform you of future reunions. If you did not attend that school, or attended it when it was a hotel management school, then not much of this web site will interest you, but you’re welcome to browse through it. However, you will not be able to register as an alumnus. In order to register your name at this web site, you must receive a password (this keeps curious, unwanted browsers away). To obtain the password, please send an email to . State your name and the years you attended the school. We’ll send you the password promptly.

Background of Friends Of Bluche and Its Reunions

The unofficial alumni association of Ecole Des Roches/Pres Fleuris is called Friends of Bluche (FOB). FOB was started by Margaret Mallon, (PF 71-74). Over the years, there have been nine reunions 1991, hosted by Brendan Foulkes, (LR 70-72) in the Bahamas; 1994, hosted by Giancarlo Felli (LR 70-73) in Montana Crans; 1997 hosted by Mark Uhlfelder (LR 73-75) in Aspen Colorado; 2003 hosted by Pradeep Kapadia in Woodstock, New York; 2004, hosted by Ottavia Giorgi Monfort and Giancarlo and Nati Felli, in Montana Crans; 2005 in Lake Como, Italy, 2005, hosted by Massimo Ciceri; 2007, hosted my Carmen Marshall in Banff; 2009 in Crans Montana hosted by Giancarlo & Nati Felli and Ottavia Giorgi Monfort; and 2012, hosted by Pichet Nithivasin in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, in St. Moritz in March 2013 and possibly in Northern California in the summer of 2014. Several ad-hoc mini-reunions are held annually by smaller groups of alumni all over the world.

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